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Buying a Home
Who we represent

We represent you to the extent of ensuring that you acquire good and marketable title to the property.  However, we can advise you on only legal questions concerning title to your property, title insurance and the covenants and conditions of your loan documentation.           

We represent the lender to the extent of assuring full compliance with its loan closing instructions. 

In the event of a dispute between you and the lender, we will not attempt to represent either party.

We do not represent you with respect to the terms of your loan agreement with your lender (i.e., your loan amount, interest rate, conditions for later conversion or refinancing, necessity or amount of mortgage insurance, etc.).  Therefore, we ask that you obtain a copy of your closing instructions from your lender a sufficient amount of time prior to closing to enable you to carefully review them and promptly resolve any disagreements or disputes with the lender concerning the terms of your loan.

Because of the numerous difficulties which can arise during the loan processing, we request that you remain in close contact with your lender and with our office.  Last minute delays in closing can usually be avoided if you determine in advance what conditions must be met by you.

What Services we perform

Dual Representation of Sellers and Buyers

Title Examination/Insurance


Termite Report

Homeowners/Flood Insurance


Funds at Closing

Disbursement of Funds

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