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Normally at our office, but we can travel (within a 50 mile radius from our office) to do the closing for an additional fee.

Normally, we conduct a full title examination of the property in compliance with The North Carolina Marketable Title Act.  This means that we will search the title for a period of no less than thirty years prior to closing.  However, if we find an existing policy of title insurance on the property, we will, with your permission, “tack” to that policy.  This means that my title examination would begin with the date and time of issuance of that policy and that we will not certify the status of the title to the property prior to that date.  While defects in the title occurring prior to my search period would not be reported by us if we “tack”, they should be covered by the existing title policy, so you should receive the same title insurance coverage as if we had conducted a full title examination.

Obviously, “tacking” enables us to conduct the title examination more expeditiously, and it should not expose you to any increased liability. In addition “tacking” frequently will lead to a reduced rate of insurance from the title insurance company, as they will be insuring a smaller portion of the title.

Unless you immediately instruct otherwise, we will either “tack” or conduct a full title examination in our discretion.

Title examination does not include any investigation into zoning or building code compliance for the property, these are issues for your property inspectors to investigate.

We will obtain a policy of owner’s title insurance in your favor and a policy of mortgagee insurance in favor of the lender.  You will be required to pay the title insurance premium, which is normally computed at the rate of $2.00 per $1,000.00 of the purchase price unless you are entitled to a reduced rate resulting from the existence of a prior policy covering the property which we tack to.  We will do our best to obtain the policies at the rate most favorable to you.

Please let me know immediately if you prefer that we use a particular title insurance company or a particular title insurance agent.


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